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Theatre "Masterskaya" (Saint- Petersburg ) stayed at the hotel " Buryatia " !

3 june 2016

      From the  beginning of  2016 team of theater artists and orchestra regularly placed at the Hotel "Buryatia".

       At this time, the guests  of "Buryatia" are the young actors from the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg.

      Theatre "Masterskaya” presents performances " from 1 to 5 June both for adults and for children's audience in Ulan-Ude  as part of the federal program "Big tour". The program  includes "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" Boris Vasilyev and "The Bremen Town Musicians".

       Hotel "Buryatia" constantly collaborates with theaters of  Ulan-Ude. With its convenient location in the city center, and a wide number of rooms, the hotel "Buryatia" often placed large groups. We offer special conditions and discounts. Modern rooms, a spacious new lobby, attentive staff - all this and much more is left only positive impressions of the visit to our city!

        Our team is always trying to make each guest's stay comfortable and cozy!