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The musical group from Bulgaria - participants of the festival "Voice of nomads 2016" - were the guests of Hotel "Buryatia"!

24 july 2016 VIII International Music Festival "Voice of Nomads" was held last weekend in Atsagat village, not far from Ulan-Ude.
Hotel "Buryatia" traditionally become the home of the guests of the festival. This year the neo-folk band Irfan from Bulgaria visited us.
The name of the group, which plays in the genres ethneral wave / world, borrowed from the Sufi terminology and can be translated as "mystical knowledge", "revelation".
On Irfan music strongly influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, and the Persian Minor Asia, the Caucasus and North Africa, as well as a musical inheritance from the Middle Ages and Renaissance Europe. However, it retained the original appearance - Traditional uses (Bulgarian, Balkan, Eastern, North African and Indian.) And starinnye tools. The vocal technique with the regions and historical periods are combined perfectly with the delicate electronic sound.
We are very pleased that the guests from Bulgaria had pleasant impressions from the visit to Ulan-Ude and Hotel "Buryatia"! We hope that the group Irfan will visit us next year!