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The judges of the tournament are guests of "Buryatia"!

24 march 2016

The judges of the tournament are guests of "Buryatia"!
       All-Russian Sambo Tournament supported by the hotel "Buryatia will be held from 26 to 27 of March. The winners of the tournament will be awarded the title of Master of Sports of the Russian Federation. The goal the Tournament is to preserve the memory of the armed the conflict on Damansky island in 1969. The participants of the event were our countrymen. One of them - Nikolay Petrov performing the duties of military reporter died heroically,.
       At the government press briefing on March , 21 head of Department of sports and training provision of the Ministry of Sports of Buryatia Bair Dashibalzhirov noted that the country demonstrates a sufficiently high level of development of Sambo. Hotel "Buryatia" is an old and constant partner of sports events held by the Ministry of Sports and Youth of the Republic of Buryatia and annually receives the Sambo tournament.
         Hotel "Buryatia" offers accommodation for children, youth and adult sports teams, as well as the coaching staff. It also provides discount room rates.

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The material was prepared using site data "All-Russian Sambo Federation"